Introducing Comment Killer

Comment Killer for ChromeHere at No-Hate News, we’re all about keeping bad people out of your online life. We’ve introduced another tool for your arsenal: Comment Killer for Chrome. This free extension for the Chrome web browser continually monitors the web pages you view, removing any user comment sections it finds. Want to browse YouTube videos without being subjected to hate-filled comments? Comment Killer makes them all just go away. And it’s not just YouTube – it works on pretty much every website with comments, including CNN, Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else. Comment Killer works in a very general manner, so it hides comments wherever they may be on the Internet.

If you do want to check in on a discussion from trusted friends, you can quickly toggle Comment Killer on and off from a handy icon in the browser bar as you browse.

Block comments, and make Internet trolls just go away. Give Comment Killer a try – it’s totally free, and we only made it to make the Internet a better place. Who knows, if enough people use it, perhaps the audience the trolls seek will disappear, and they’ll disappear with it.

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