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No-Hate News. NoHateNews.comNo-Hate News is a news aggregator that filters out violent and political content. We offer a clean view of your news, updated hourly and filtered automatically based on a list of keywords associated with hate.

We’ve found that ignoring the bad things in the world that you can’t do anything about, and probably don’t really affect you directly, only makes you happier.

If the news is getting you down, try using as your only news source for awhile. You might find yourself feeling good about the world again. It lets you focus on humanity’s accomplishments, instead of its destructive behavior. We offer local coverage for most major US metropolitan areas, so you can stay informed about the good stuff happening around you.

No-Hate News is a free service and devoid of ads. Clicking on articles will take you to the website of their source, which may ask for subscriptions or show you ads. We hope you’ll consider supporting these journalists.

No-Hate News: News that won’t crush your soul.

Sick of the news getting you down? So are we! No Hate News keeps you up to date, but with all the bad stuff filtered out automatically. No hate, violence, or politics here.