Creating a Good Comics Experience

GarfieldMaybe it sounds silly, but the main thing that kept us from cancelling our print newspaper subscription was the comics page. It’s something the whole family could enjoy, and it didn’t seem like something that could be replicated easily online.

Our comics page is as close as we could come. Between the Universal UClick and King Features Syndicate sites that we link to, just about any comic you had in your newspaper should be available.

If comics are important to you, we highly recommend purchasing subscriptions to both of these sites. It’s not much money, and it lets you save your favorite comics and organize them into a single page you can skim through each day – much like the newspaper comics! It also removes all of the ads that clutter up these comic sites normally. With a couple of clicks from NoHateNews, you can browse all of your favorite comics – and even get access to older comics and comics you like that your newspaper might not carry. For us, it was money well spent.

Sick of the news getting you down? So are we! No Hate News keeps you up to date, but with all the bad stuff filtered out automatically. No hate, violence, or politics here.