Ultima Thule, the most-distant object ever visited by a spacecraft, is revealing our solar system's deepest history—and, just maybe, revolutionizing planetary science -- Read more on [...]
Tue, Jan 08, 2019
Source: Scientific American Space
When you look at the full Moon through binoculars or a small telescope, one of the most prominent features on the surface is the crater Tycho. It's an impact feature about 86 kilometers wide, situated near the southern edge of the Moon's near side. It's relatively young — maybe 100 [...]
Mon, Jan 07, 2019
Source: Bad Astronomy
I do so love a beautiful globular cluster. Despite the rather clunky and prosaic name, they are are among the most beautiful objects in the heavens. Tightly packed and self-contained, these are collections of hundreds of thousands or even millions of stars in a roughly spherical conglomeration, held into orbit [...]
Fri, Jan 04, 2019
Source: Bad Astronomy
Every now and again, I am strongly reminded that our Moon is really weird. It has a ton of familiar features on it, so it's easy to get complacent. Giant impact craters, vast relatively smooth plains called maria (MAH-ree-uh) that are filled with dark magmatic basalt (which form the features we [...]
Thu, Jan 03, 2019
Source: Bad Astronomy
Yay! The new NASA Dial-A-Moon phase calculator for 2019 is out! Oh, I so love this thing. You enter a date and time (in UTC) and it shows you what the Moon will look like. The image generated is based on images and elevation data taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, [...]
Wed, Jan 02, 2019
Source: Bad Astronomy

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