Why No-Hate News?

No-Hate News. NoHateNews.comOriginally, we built No-Hate News for ourselves. We’re old-school, and always enjoyed starting our day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

In recent years however, what’s in the newspaper isn’t a good way to start your morning. More people are killing each other in horrific ways, and Americans have become polarized across ideological and economic boundaries. It’s hard to find news that is positive or simply informative without first having to look at the new ways humans have found to kill, injure, and discredit each other.

It got to the point where it was affecting our happiness, and our outlook on humanity. And I suspect we’re far from alone.

We were surprised we couldn’t find an existing site that filters out violent and political content, and read instead about humanity’s positive accomplishments. So, we built No-Hate News, and started ignoring the newspaper. Instead, we look through No-Hate News on a tablet (it’s PC and mobile-friendly, as well.)

We actually got happier as a result. No joke. Ignorance is bliss, at least when it comes to hate-filled news.

So, we expanded the site to work with most major US metropolitan areas, and here it is for you. Free of charge.

This site isn’t about pushing some political viewpoint; rather, it’s about eschewing politics entirely. We block any stories that include the words “republican”, “democrat”, or “senator”, for example. We also block stories that include keywords associated with violence of any form. The stories that remain aren’t entirely positive – but at least you won’t be exposed to the worst of the worst on a daily basis, or get sucked into political extremism on either end.

We hope it makes your life a little better, as it did for us.

Sick of the news getting you down? So are we! No Hate News keeps you up to date, but with all the bad stuff filtered out automatically. No hate, violence, or politics here.